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Life Experience

War and Peace

The NHS, care of the elderly, education, housing, economic recovery. There are many desperate needs in this country which require funding so why is this country, far more than other European countries, spending enormous sums of money on weapons as if we are preparing to fight another world war?

This is a place I hope to explore some of the issues.

gaza ceasefire demonstration, London 17 February 2024


BBC bias is misplaced. It is all too clear that the BBC supports the government and Labour Party in their

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Gaza explosion

What Rishi Sunak Should Say

https://youtu.be/jRaN_0olTbg?si=sL8OM_izvzPcukqQ Israel suffered a terrorist outrage. No country, no people deserve such suffering, so to express sympathy and say that

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David Roberts

Writer, publisher, music promoter

Born in 1942, I now have time to enjoy life more widely and reflect on my experience, interests, and contemporary events.

David Roberts

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