Britain’s shameful bombing of Iraq

Britain’s shameful bombing of Iraq Twenty years ago Britain and the US indulged in a ruthless and immense bombing campaign against Iraq, a country which did not threaten us. This act was therefore a blatant war crime and the people who initiated it were, by definition, war criminals  – most notably Bush and Blair. It […]

Anniversary of amazing day of anti-war demonstrations

Anniversary of amazing day of anti-war demonstrations Last week saw the 20th anniversary of an extraordinary and unique day in world history, 15 February 2003. It was the day when tens of millions of people marched in 780 cities around the world in protest against the proposed war by Britain and America, against Iraq. Julie […]

Willie McBride – a popular folk song relating to the First World War

I don’t know how widely known it is that some very popular and excellent folk songs were written about The First World War long after the event – poetry often overlooked.One of the most popular is the lament for the death of Willie McBride, but its meaning is wider that just that. I have heard […]

A modern poem for Remembrance Day

One of nearly 400 memorials at The National Memorial Arboretum in Alrewas, Staffordshire A Hymn for Remembrance Sunday May be used as a prayer or sung to the music, Finlandia, by Jean Sibelius Grant peace, O Lord, across our strife-torn world,Where war divides and greed and dogma drive.Help us to learn the lessons from the past,That all […]

Blair and Brown on BBC2 – Will the truth come out?

Blair and Brown, 5 part BBC2 Documentary started  Mon 4 October 2021, 9pm This could be an interesting series about these brilliant and eloquent politicians. People will never forget the audacity of Blair and his colleagues in ignoring the biggest and worldwide demonstrations of opposition to the war against Iraq, or the worldwide disbelief in […]

Afghanistan, 20-years of disaster created by America and Britain

Afghanistan, 20-years of disaster created by America and Britain Taking on Afghanistan in 2001 was an unnecessary and calamitous war on one of the poorest, most dysfunctional  countries in the world. It was started, we were told, to rid Afghanistan of the Taliban and thus prevent terrorism. After 20 years of occupation by mainly American […]

Ernest Hemingway – Fascinating BBC Documentary on i-player

Ernest Hemingway – 1899–1961 – Fascinating Documentary on BBC i-player We have just started watching a fascinating BBC iPlayer documentary about the life of Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway was one of America’s most celebrated novelists and short story writers who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. He was a war reporter and himself a […]

Are aircraft carriers useful in a war situation? Expert opinion.

Are aircraft carriers useful in a war situation? Expert opinion Aircraft carriers of some of the biggest ships ever built and are therefore very impressive, as well as being extremely expensive to build and operate. Here is expert opinion on the usefulness of aircraft carriers in the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm, 1990-1991. “Little […]

First nuclear bomb dropped on a city 75 years ago, 6 August

Two BBC 4 programmes explore this tragedy.  Hiroshima Docudrama, 10 pm Wednesday 5 August, and at 11.30 pm Living in Dread and Promise, the story of nuclear power in the last 70 years. 75 years ago, 6 August, the first nuclear bomb to be dropped on people destroyed the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Thus began […]