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My new book of poems about love

My new book

How could you know? –  Poems about love

Love experienced, love observed, love examined from different angles, love in the context of human life in all its variety. – This is an exceptional book of love poetry. It goes beyond expressions of adoration, wonder, longing, and loss  –  the rhetoric of love poetry. It is a wide ranging exploration of “love”.

My approach is often thoughtful – even philosophical, at other times it may be surreal, bizarre, suggestive or facetious. This is “poetry of ideas”.

Poems include, Fifty kinds of love, Love is its own reward, Does love exist? How could you know? Don’t vanish with the dawn, A heart in winter.

Available now for download on Kindle  –  Amazon website  –  £3.

Now also available as a 100 page paperback  –  £6-95.  Amazon link.

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Superb giant clematis – but what is the variety?

Superb giant clematis - but what are the varieties?

Superb giant clematis blooms the size of saucers and with stunning colours appeared in our garden several months after we moved into our present house. The blooms were typically six inches (15cms) across and the largest were eight inches (20cms). There were two varieties of similar size. In 2020 they came into flower mid to late May. In 2021 they flowered about a fortnight later, here in the south east of England.


The pink one with pale violet  edges to petals, grows to a height of about six feet (approximately 1.8 metres) winding its way through our buddleia , the violet coloured one grows to a height of about four feet (just over a metre) amongst a rose.

What variety?

Unfortunately these clematis didn’t have labels to identify them. Searching in our own gardening books has not produced a convincing answer. Can anyone tell me what variety these wonderful clematis might be?

More pictures

These books from Amazon look interesting and useful