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French nuclear giant makes huge loss

French nuclear giant makes its worst ever loss.

Nuclear power stations go off line.

BBC report

“EDF’s nuclear output in France fell by 30% to its lowest since 1988 as more than half of its 56 ageing nuclear power stations went offline for repairs, which had been delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. “

How Macron protected electricity consumers

“In France, President Emmanuel Macron’s government responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by imposing a tariff “shield” for consumers, limiting energy companies to a 4% rise in 2022 followed by 15% in 2023, keeping inflation lower than in other European countries.

But it meant that EDF had to sell power to French consumers at a loss, while UK consumers paid far more for their energy. EDF has around 80% of France’s electricity market.”

Read the full report:


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Wildlife endangered by planned nuclear power station, Sizewell C

Wildlife endangered by planned nuclear power station, Sizewell C

On the Suffolk coast is an exceptional wildlife habitat that is threatened by a planned new nuclear power station called Sizewell C.

Wildlife experts in this video explain what could be lost if the planned nuclear power station goes ahead.

Ben McFarland, Head of Conservation at Suffolk Wildlife Trust, and Adam Rowlands, RSPB Suffolk Area Manager, outline their concerns for Suffolk’s wildlife should plans for Sizewell C go ahead.

Please write to your MP to voice your objections to this plan and sign online petitions.

Also, have a look at the reasons why this whole nuclear power project here will do very little to combat climate change

  1. instead introduces a massive problem of coping with the most toxic waste known to man
  2. and incurs astronomic waste disposal costs which government experts themselves say are incalculable.

For more information on this important topic see other articles on this blog about Sizewell C. Click on the ISSUES label in the menu bar above and click on NUCLEAR in the drop-down list.

Your comments will be very welcome. Space to share your thoughts below the video. 
David Roberts
8 March 2021

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Starmer joins Tories in wasting billions on shameful Trident nuclear weapons

Today (26 February 2021)the Labour party announced support for the Conservative policy of spending billions on nuclear weapons, the Trident nuclear missile.

The country is facing huge economic problems, so why plan to spend billions on an outdated weapon that had its time in the 1950s? It’s as pointless as bows and arrows as a defence system. And it is shamefully immoral in its ability to destroy many cities and wipe out millions of innocent human beings by explosion and radiation at the press of a button.


No imaginable threat can justify preparing to annihilate cities and cause long-term environmental devastation.

Each trident submarine carries destructive power over 200 times greater than the bombs that destroyed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons came into effect earlier this year. The Conservative and Labour parties clearly plan to ignore the treaty. Over 190 countries do not have nuclear weapons.


Our nuclear weapons did not deter Argentina from trying to seize the British Falkland Islands in 1982. They cannot deter suicidal terrorists. No potential invader (who could that possibly be?) wants to use nuclear weapons against us because what use would a Britain that had become a radio-active wilderness be to them?


Defence is best achieved through international co-operation and trade. That’s how we have overcome the threats from our former enemies: Spain, Holland, France, Germany and others. They do not co-operate with us because of fear of annihilation.

Nuclear weapons, like castles, are relics of outmoded, obscene, fantasy thinking on defence and have no place in the modern world. Now, the last thing we need is the threatened destruction of humanity. Today we need to co-operate to deal with environmental and humanitarian crises that call for our attention.

The reasons for this government spending is not defence but thousands of jobs in our arms industries. We need people and money to address the pressing social needs of this country. We need to spend money more wisely.

David Roberts
26 February 2021 Updated 12 March 2021

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Hope for saving us from Sizewell C nuclear nightmare

Sizewell C nuclear power can be stopped

There remains a little time to  win this important cause.

The government will have to overcome challenging obstacles and take a year or two to get these two new nuclear power stations under way. The case against Sizewell C is overwhelming.


Stop Sizewell

Together Against Sizewell C

Together Against Sizewell C on twitter

The case for nature against nuclear: Suffolk Wildlife Trust:

See also my earlier post setting out some of the main arguments against this nuclear project.

Feel free to comment and please share this post.

David Roberts

17 February 2021

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First nuclear bomb dropped on a city 75 years ago, 6 August

Two BBC 4 programmes explore this tragedy.  Hiroshima Docudrama, 10 pm Wednesday 5 August, and at 11.30 pm Living in Dread and Promise, the story of nuclear power in the last 70 years.

75 years ago, 6 August, the first nuclear bomb to be dropped on people destroyed the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Thus began 75 years of a handful of countries threatening each other with nuclear annihilation and the wasting of billions of pounds on a weapon that remains an horrendous threat to human life on earth.