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Love poems – subtle change of title

David Roberts 2020

Love poems – subtle change of title

Book cover, Poems about love

Published as How could you know?  – Poems about love, it is now Poems about love  – How could you know?

Why the change? It’s to do with the way people search for books on Amazon and search engines in general. If someone is looking for a book of love poems they are more likely to look for the words “love poems” rather than “how could you know?” Why didn’t I think of this in the first place?

Personal relationships
Poems about love is about love and personal relationships.

Although the book was put together in a few days it actually took over fifty years to write.
Looking through old notebooks containing thoughts, observations, poems I discovered I’d written a lot about personal relationships, the way we humans connect with each other, live with each other, procreate, develop interests and lives together, and often change, lose enchantment, disagree, even hate each other and fall apart.
Also, how many people don’t feel love, feel excluded from it and develop different strategies for life and attitudes towards people.

What guides all this activity? What instincts, thoughts, principles, rules, social expectations and controls? What leads to “success” and happiness or causes failure and unhappiness? – It’s a very wide-ranging collection of poems about “love”.

Available from Amazon. Please download it or buy the paperback version and give it a star rating. I’d love some feedback so I’d really welcome comments. Link to book. 

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My new book of poems about love

My new book

How could you know? –  Poems about love

Love experienced, love observed, love examined from different angles, love in the context of human life in all its variety. – This is an exceptional book of love poetry. It goes beyond expressions of adoration, wonder, longing, and loss  –  the rhetoric of love poetry. It is a wide ranging exploration of “love”.

My approach is often thoughtful – even philosophical, at other times it may be surreal, bizarre, suggestive or facetious. This is “poetry of ideas”.

Poems include, Fifty kinds of love, Love is its own reward, Does love exist? How could you know? Don’t vanish with the dawn, A heart in winter.

Available now for download on Kindle  –  Amazon website  –  £3.

Now also available as a 100 page paperback  –  £6-95.  Amazon link.