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Brilliant French psychological tv drama on All4 – in French

Bruno Debrandt and Julie Gayet as Florent and Victoire in French drama, "Torn"

This 6-part French tv drama has recently arrived on the All4 free streaming service.

In French with English subtitles it is called Torn in English. Its French title is  Soupçons, (Suspicions) which I think is more fitting. Also, there was a mini-series filmed around Slough in 2007, so don’t get the wrong Torn.

Brilliantly written it is gripping to the very end. It is set in south east France. The setting is cheery and inviting. There is sunshine, a nice change from Nordic noir towns which are so gloomy, threatening and where it is almost always night.

An affair goes so very badly wrong. Love quickly turns from joy, to anxiety, to tragedy in this complex and very human story. Such is the power of the writing and acting you feel intense sympathy for almost everyone involved. 

I’d be interested to hear what you thought of it. Please use the comment box below. If you use facebook you can use the second comment box without any formalities, and could share your views on facebook too, if you wish.

David Roberts