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Shed roof rubber sheeting resists UV light and is superior to roofing felt

More about using rubber sheeting instead of roofing felt for covering a shed roof.  –  See my earlier post?

Will it withstand UV light?

A friend has suggested that UV light may damage rubber sheeting. (Ultra violet light is part of sunlight.) Natural rubber, I have learned, would deteriorate very rapidly in sunlight BUT THE RUBBER USED FOR SHED ROOFS IS SYNTHETIC. It’s called EPDM rubber.
EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. It can withstand general weathering, Ozone and UV and is extremely durable. It comes with a 20 year guarantee and has a life expectation of fifty years.

For how to install it see my previous post on my experience and

  1. this video tutorial.
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There are several suppliers. You can buy through Amazon. Here’s a link TO AN AMAZON SHED ROOF KIT. Link opens way to many other options.