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Nuclear Issues - of huge significance (costly, dangerous) but not drawn to the attention of the public

We suffer from what I call “distraction politics” where politicians, aided by docile media, pound away at certain news stories while neglecting matters of importance which could affect this country for years, even generations to come. The result is that major decisions are taken without public debate or even without the awareness of the general public. Certainly issues are not given the attention they deserve. Nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and nuclear warfare should concern us all.

We don’t have censorship, but teaching and discussion of nuclear issues in UK schools would not be given the prominence that climate change, conservation, pollution currently enjoy.

Nuclear policies are downplayed or absent from discussions at elections. 

David Roberts

Writer, publisher, music promoter

Born in 1942, I now have time to enjoy life more widely and reflect on my experience, interests, and contemporary events.

David Roberts

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