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gaza ceasefire demonstration, London 17 February 2024


BBC bias is misplaced. It is all too clear that the BBC supports the government and Labour Party in their unwavering support for the Israeli government’s actions. The Israeli Government

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Gaza homes destroyed

Poem – This is war

This is war What is war?In the human psycheit is the fatal flaw,a perversion of the human mindturning the morally sightedmorally blind. War isthe profoundest disrespectfor the sanctity of human

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Market in peaceful country

Poem – There Will Be Peace

There Will Be Peace There will be peace: when attitudes change; when self-interest is seen as part of common interest; when old wrongs, old scores, old mistakes are deleted from

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Gaza explosion

What Rishi Sunak Should Say

https://youtu.be/jRaN_0olTbg?si=sL8OM_izvzPcukqQ Israel suffered a terrorist outrage. No country, no people deserve such suffering, so to express sympathy and say that Israel has a right to defend itself is right. HOWEVER

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pic Gaza street bombed 2023

Comparative Terrorism

Israeli bombs seek terrorists in Gaza. When the war is over the displaced Palestinians will be able to return to their homes. 30 October 2023 Terrorism – dictionary definition “Systematic

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A truthful politician

It isn’t often I lie awake at night thinking about troubles in foreign countries but that is happening now. Partly what’s disturbing me is the scale and absolute horror of

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Poem about Iraq

A poem about Iraq in 2003 Tony Blair’s visit to Southern Iraq early in 2003. He explained the wisdom of the war. MY  POEM A Message from Tony Blair to

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Big increase in arms spending

Increase spending for NHS or more for war? Media neglect of astonishing increase in arms spending Shouldn’t the BBC and other media be exploring this issue? Spending increases in defence

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Where to cut government spending

Where to cut government spending It’s easy to find half the money needed to plug the current government cash shortage. Cut that whopping increase in arms spending November 2020   –   what happened On

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Military boom time

Boom in Military Spending BRITISH PUBLIC might question vast increase in arms spending Today, 20 October 2022, Liz Truss, UK Prime Minister, has resigned and the British Government is in

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Vietnam veteran’s song.

https://youtu.be/W6lmXoBRi1A Still feeling the hurt all these years after the end of the Vietnam War, 1975, over 45 years ago. PTSD doesn’t just go away. Veteran, Jack Murphy’s recent song

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World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day Suicide, not covid, is the biggest killer of under 35 year olds in the UK Friday 10th September is World Suicide Prevention Day – an annual

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