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Politician’s election poem

Politician’s election poem for Valentine’s Day Today British politicians woke up with an election on their mind and may have wanted to celebrate straight away. Darling, How wonderful it would

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Market in peaceful country

Poem – There Will Be Peace

There Will Be Peace There will be peace: when attitudes change; when self-interest is seen as part of common interest; when old wrongs, old scores, old mistakes are deleted from

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Couple by the sea

Poem – Easy Love

About Easy Love Most of the poems in my book, Poems About Love, are about relationships I have noticed, or thought about, or imagined. Easy Love is based on personal

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Text of poem, Revenge

Poem – Revenge

Before civilisation and the rule of law, murders were often dealt with by relations and friends of the murder victim. The idea of “an eye for an eye”. The idea

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Poem, Path to war

Poem – The Path to War

The countdowns to wars often follow a familiar pattern which can easily be observed and  briefly expressed. Wise leaders might understand what is happening and take action to achieve happier

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The Pilot’s Testament

The Pilot’s Testament A war poem by David Roberts about the moral implications of service personnel obeying orders to carry out lethal action, and the media and general public’s perception

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Lorraine and Tristan, just married 6 October 2023.

Big Day

Friday 6th October 2023 was a truly special day for our family – the wedding of our daughter, Lorraine, to Tristan in Horsham Register Office. A short but beautiful and

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Brighton Beach 2023

Hottest Day of the Year

Hottest Day of the Year Heatwave The hottest day recorded.Towards ten at nightThe rain started. We walked out Into the garden, naked,enjoying the refreshing rain. The lawn was squelchy underfoot. We lay

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Publisher Saxon Books returns poster

Publisher Saxon Books Returns

Publisher Saxon Books Returns Popular and long established war poetry anthologies are not only back on sale again, but for a short time are being offered at big discounts. For

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Poem for Northern Ireland

Stormont Parliament building where the politicians have been refusing to meet for 18 months to govern Northern Ireland. A Poem for Northern Ireland Backward Vision Sadly I see your future:supervised

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Poem about Iraq

A poem about Iraq in 2003 Tony Blair’s visit to Southern Iraq early in 2003. He explained the wisdom of the war. MY  POEM A Message from Tony Blair to

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Love is its own reward

Poem – Love is its own reward A poem for NHS workers and everyone in caring professions who go on caring for others, even though they don’t receive the recognition

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My book of poems about love

My new book How could you know? –  Poems about love Love experienced, love observed, love examined from different angles, love in the context of human life in all its

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Cleo Laine – Jazz Singer

Cleo Laine, brilliant documentary I strongly recommend you to see the Cleo Laine documentary on BBC iPlayer. I bought the All About Me Cleo Laine LP well over 50 years

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Welcome return of that positive, inspiring and cheerful programme about a couple raising 1000 sheep and nine children – OUR YORKSHIRE FARM. New series. 9pm Tuesday 5 October 2021, Channel

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Anticipating 2021

Anticipating 2021 My first thought about the coming year is a feeling of great gratitude to the people who have developed vaccines against covid-19. My second thought is a similar

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Barnard Castle Eye Test IPA

Brewed to commemorate Dominic Cummings’ historic visit to Barnard Castle – Barnard Castle Eye Test IPA, 6% proof. If you tried it you may have needed more than an eye

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David Roberts

Writer, publisher, music promoter

Born in 1942, I now have time to enjoy life more widely and reflect on my experience, interests, and contemporary events.

David Roberts

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