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The life of deer at Knole, Kent

See deer in this short video taken at the end of October. Read what the deer and park keeper says about what the deer are doing in different seasons by clicking on this link. Deer at Knole through the seasons.

Knole National Trust House, Sevenoaks, Kent has deer close at hand

Knole is a magnificent former bishop’s palace with its origins dating back 600 years. It became the property of very wealthy, leading aristocrats, the Sackville family. The family still has private apartments in the vast house. Surrounding the house are a thousand acres of parkland with 350 wild deer. The herds are very familiar with […]

Storks and piglets at Knepp Estate 2021

Storks and piglets at Knepp Estate 2021 A pair of storks on their nest, 23 March 2021 Storks, for the second time in 600 years, are making a nest in Britain, and you can see them at the Knepp Estate in West Sussex. The Knepp Estate is a large farm that has been “rewilded”, allowed […]

Walk east from Ditchling Beacon, South Downs Way

Walk east from Ditchling Beacon, South Downs Way The start of the walk ABOUT This is a walk high on the ridge of the South Downs with expansive views to the Sussex Weald to the North and across rolling countryside to Brighton and the coast in the south. You often see and hear sky larks […]

Devils Dyke walking west – walk near Brighton UK – with photos.

Walking west along the South Downs Way just above the village of Fulking which is situated down below to the right of the picture and out of sight. Route map for Devils Dyke Westwards – Hill Top Walk by David Roberts on TO MAKE THE MAP WORK click on “plotaroute” at the bottom right. […]

Countryside walks avoiding mud

Path St Leonard's Forest

Countryside walks and rides avoiding mud It’s the end of February 2021 and it’s been an exceptionally wet winter with an exceptional number of people desperate to get out in the countryside and enjoy some fresh air. Sadly the public footpaths are almost all now deep in mud. But there are a few exceptions! AVOID […]

Walk East from Devils Dyke

Walk East from Devils Dyke Devils Dyke is a extraordinary short valley cut into The Downs ten thousand years ago by the last ice age. It’s five miles north of Brighton. The hill top was an iron age fort. Most people walk west from the National Trust car park (found just to the north of […]

Circular Walk through Arundel Park and Back Along River Arun

Distance a little over 5 miles, or, if you start at the main car park in Arundel, a little over 6 miles. This circular walk starts by Swanbourne Lake and Tea Rooms and progresses gently up an ever rising  and beautiful valley. It then descends to the River Arun and returns along the banks of […]

Three Downland walks north of Arundel, West Sussex

Three beautiful and varied walks with some gentle climbs on the Downs north of Arundel. All can be started at the car park near Whiteways roundabout on the A 29, but alternative walks might be started by parking in the villages of West Burton or Bury. In general terms the land slopes upwards  towards the […]

Houghton Forest Downland Walk near Arundel

On a bright chilly day in mid-October, with a strong wind blowing, we enjoyed a four and a half mile walk on the Downs near Arundel. There is a large car park just off the Whiteways roundabout at the top of the hill north of Arundel on the A29. This is where we started and […]

Last Day of Summer 2020

We guessed it was going to be the last day of summer. We had had a late spell of hot weather in mid-September and the forecast was for the last hot day for a while on Monday  the 21st of September. We arrived at Shoreham Beach at about 12:30 and met up with four of […]

Shoreham-by-Sea – sea and river swimming

Here are a few basic bits of information about facilities and conditions for swimming at Shoreham and swimming in the River Adur (pronounced “Ada”) near Shoreham. How warm is the sea? 2020 has been a great year for sea and river swimming in the UK. Water temperatures have been above average and our family and […]

Pigs at Knepp Castle Estate

Our latest visit to the Knepp Estate was with family and friends, hoping to see any remaining storks and perhaps see pigs and cattle, or even deer. It was August Bank Holiday Saturday. There were no storks to be seen. A notice informed us that the adults would winter on the estate and the youngsters […]

Nymans National Trust House and Gardens Story

Nymans House

The story of Nymans is very unusual Nymans is a National Trust house and gardens situated in mid Sussex a few miles south of Crawley. Most National Trust Houses are ancient mansions, castles and estates that have belonged to the rich and powerful of hundreds of years ago. Nymans appears to be another ancient home […]

Visit the Wild Life Area of Knepp Castle Estate

We visited this 3,500 acre estate, owned by the Burrell family, in West Sussex, UK in early July (2020) and roamed around it for half a day. We particularly wanted to see the storks and the storks’ nest, but we also came across the wild Exmoor ponies which may be the direct descendants of the […]

First Stork Chicks Hatch in UK After 600 Years

Storks last nested in the UK in Edinburgh in 1416 until this year! Now (summer 2020) they can be seen on the Knepp Estate in West Sussex a few miles south of Horsham, near the village of Dial Post on the A24. The huge nest was built near the top of a large oak tree. […]

Ightham Mote, Medieval Manor House in Kent

When UK National Trust Houses open up again after the virus this will be definitely well worth a visit. Julie and I visited Igtham Mote in 2015 when I took the photographs. Ightham (pronounced “item”) Mote is a house in Kent, UK, over 650 years old. It is hidden away in a wooded valley in […]

Classic Birling Gap and Beachy Head Walks

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The cliff-top walk from Birling Gap to Cuckmere Haven is one of the best clifftop walks in Britain. It is the walk along the white chalk cliffs of a section of the “Seven Sisters” (seven white cliffs linked together) on the south coast of England, just west of Eastbourne. The full route would be Eastbourne […]