French nuclear giant makes huge loss

French nuclear giant makes its worst ever loss. Nuclear power stations go off line. BBC report “EDF’s nuclear output in France fell by 30% to its lowest since 1988 as more than half of its 56 ageing nuclear power stations went offline for repairs, which had been delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. “ How […]

Nuclear power – the costs that should concern us

Nuclear power station

The costs of nuclear power that the UK government doesn’t consider or reveal to the public Radio-active, toxic waste Nuclear power generation creates vast quantities of cancer-causing radioactive waste which remains highly dangerous and radioactive for many generations to come, in fact for thousands of years. This nuclear waste presents environmental problems and costs which […]

Wildlife endangered by planned nuclear power station, Sizewell C

Wildlife endangered by planned nuclear power station, Sizewell C On the Suffolk coast is an exceptional wildlife habitat that is threatened by a planned new nuclear power station called Sizewell C. Wildlife experts in this video explain what could be lost if the planned nuclear power station goes ahead. Ben McFarland, Head of Conservation at […]

Starmer joins Tories in wasting billions on shameful Trident nuclear weapons

Today (26 February 2021)the Labour party announced support for the Conservative policy of spending billions on nuclear weapons, the Trident nuclear missile. TRIDENT IS A LONG TERM EXPENSE COSTING BILLIONS FOR DECADES TO COME The country is facing huge economic problems, so why plan to spend billions on an outdated weapon that had its time […]

Hope for saving us from Sizewell C nuclear nightmare

Sizewell C nuclear power can be stopped There remains a little time to  win this important cause. The government will have to overcome challenging obstacles and take a year or two to get these two new nuclear power stations under way. The case against Sizewell C is overwhelming. See Stop Sizewell Together Against Sizewell […]

First nuclear bomb dropped on a city 75 years ago, 6 August

Two BBC 4 programmes explore this tragedy.  Hiroshima Docudrama, 10 pm Wednesday 5 August, and at 11.30 pm Living in Dread and Promise, the story of nuclear power in the last 70 years. 75 years ago, 6 August, the first nuclear bomb to be dropped on people destroyed the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Thus began […]