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I had an email from Greta Thunberg on Monday 1 November 2021 She told me that ”the planet is screaming for help”. And “We are catastrophically far from the crucial goal of 1.5°C.” Words like screaming and catastrophe are not scientific or measured and do nothing to encourage sensible discussion or practical solutions to the […]

The Fenland floods of 1947 – My memory of a natural disaster – and video

flooded Fen region 1947

Do the media mislead young about climate change?  –  My experience of extreme weather Young people who learn about natural disasters from the media may get an impression that things have never been so bad and are getting worse and worse all the time. It’s natural to be worried. There are always terrible things happening […]

Cold temperature variations, including Braemar 2021

The Met Office recorded a low of -23C in Braemar in Scotland over the night of 10-11th February 2021, the coldest February night since 1955. But as the met office graph shows temperatures vary widely over the years. Braemar holds the record for the lowest ever UK temperature – it has reached – 27.2 °C […]

Cold in Spain January 2021

Spain recorded its lowest temperature on Thursday 7 January -35.8°C. The temperature was recorded at the Vega de Liordes weather station, at an altitude of 1,874 metres in the north-western province of Leon. It is not clear how long Spain has operated weather stations at such altitudes. Meanwhile deep snow covered much of Spain causing […]