Superb giant clematis – but what is the variety?

Superb giant clematis – but what are the varieties? Superb giant clematis blooms the size of saucers and with stunning colours appeared in our garden several months after we moved into our present house. The blooms were typically six inches (15cms) across and the largest were eight inches (20cms). There were two varieties of similar […]

Our baby crow

Our baby crow I found this crow sitting on a stone on top of a pile of bricks near our greenhouse on Thursday afternoon (20 May), the day before the storm. It looked sad and confused. Its feathers hadn’t grown fully. You could see the fluffy baby feathers still showing in places. Maybe it was […]

Nestbox time

Nestbox Time We are trying out a nest-box with a video camera inside. We have lots of birds in our garden and encourage them with nesting boxes. Julie wanted to add another nest box so asked for a nesting box for Christmas. Just a simple wooden box was what she had in mind.To her surprise […]

Treat yourself to tulips

Treat yourselves to tulips Still time to plant bulbs this winter. Last winter (2019/2020) the weather was very hostile in November and December. As a result we didn’t get many of our bulbs in till after Christmas, but they still came up and looked good. Our photos were taken in April. This year (2020) we […]

Our garden – dry and sad – mid August 2020

Hardly a day’s rain for months and our garden was really suffering. We had done regular watering. We collect water in two large butts but by mid August these had long run dry. We used the hose but felt we had to be sparing with our watering because the local reservoir had come close to […]

Nymans National Trust House and Gardens Story

Nymans House

The story of Nymans is very unusual Nymans is a National Trust house and gardens situated in mid Sussex a few miles south of Crawley. Most National Trust Houses are ancient mansions, castles and estates that have belonged to the rich and powerful of hundreds of years ago. Nymans appears to be another ancient home […]