Wild Swimming – places to swim

Where to swim wild in UK – books and websites, plus equipment for the wild swimmer I prefer to swim in the sea or rivers. I’ve written a bit about swimming at Shoreham and nearby but to find out where you can swim outdoors around the UK there are some useful websites you can visit. […]

Shoreham-by-Sea – sea and river swimming

Here are a few basic bits of information about facilities and conditions for swimming at Shoreham and swimming in the River Adur (pronounced “Ada”) near Shoreham. How warm is the sea? 2020 has been a great year for sea and river swimming in the UK. Water temperatures have been above average and our family and […]

My Sunburn Experience, July 2020

David Roberts

I should have known better, but I love the sun. I worship the sun. Most summers in the last twenty years I have driven or flown hundreds of miles to prostrate myself before it. It makes me feel good. I love to have a suntan. I don’t understand why it gives me so much pleasure. […]

Can too much exercise kill? – How I nearly did too much

I’m now 76 (August 2019). For the last ten years or so I’ve run a little under two miles every other day, and on my off days I’ve enjoyed exercising with weights, nothing massive. About 7 kg in each hand: 10 lifts above my head from shoulder height, ten lifts from floor to above my […]

Disturbed heart rhythm – risk of sudden cardiac death

If you are in tip-top physical condition and exercising a lot you may be in greater danger than you realise. I thought I was super-fit but one day, at the age of 76, I unexpectedly felt faint and had a fast heart beat. I was later told that this “episode” could have proved fatal. It […]

Classic Birling Gap and Beachy Head Walks

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The cliff-top walk from Birling Gap to Cuckmere Haven is one of the best clifftop walks in Britain. It is the walk along the white chalk cliffs of a section of the “Seven Sisters” (seven white cliffs linked together) on the south coast of England, just west of Eastbourne. The full route would be Eastbourne […]