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They are trashing international law

Craig Murray is a retired British Ambassador turned activist.

In this powerful message recorded in early April, he explains cogently why Israel’s systematic breaking of international law and the West’s complicity in that are leading to dire consequences for all of us.

Attacking embassies, bombing civilian infrastructure, executing non-combatants, intentionally starving a besieged population, and other war crimes break are a breach of norms enshrined in the Geneva Convention, the Vienna convention, and other foundational multilateral treaties that make up the fabric of the international world. International law only works when the international community actually believes in it.

There is no supra-national police man who could enforce these laws with due authority. Hence, the laws only carry weight to the extend that all states agree they should be kept. The systematic breaking of these laws—with limitless impunity—and the support for that by the Collective West will hunt us all. We might all become Palestinians if our states decide that they are not bound anymore by the conventions of old and the principles of humanitarianism.

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