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Apple Strudel Verses for St Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s messages, or any message of romantic love, it’s so easy to be sugary and cliched.
That’s why I thought I’d try something different with Apple Strudel.
The English expression, “the apple of his eye” meaning favourite person, has always seemed to me to be rather odd. I thought I could probably take the idea a step further with a delicious apple dessert.

Apple Strudel
Verses for St Valentine’s Day

My darling,
you are the apple strudel of my eye,
naughty but nice.

And yet,
friends warn me
that you are dangerous
and I’ll live to regret
that we ever met.

I don’t agree,
my delectable extrovert.
Time will tell our fortune
and I shall be
content to get
my just dessert.

David Roberts

This poem and a whole range of poems about love, rarely conventional stuff, can be found in my paperback book, Poems about love, How could you know? Available only from Amazon. Search for “Poems about love David Roberts” Over 100 pages and the last time I looked Amazon had reduced the price to a very low level!

Coming next will be something I have written for 2024, the year of elections. I understand that this year over half the world’s populations will be going to the poles. That is why I decided to try and write a politician’s Valentine message.

My explanation
This poem is just fiction. It refers to no real person.

The words might be used by someone who’s in love with a girl who may be fun but seem a little crazy.

I’m not addressing this poem to anyone I know. I just liked playing around with the well-known but strange expression, “You are the apple of my eye”.

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David Roberts

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