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gaza ceasefire demonstration, London 17 February 2024

BBC bias is misplaced.

It is all too clear that the BBC supports the government and Labour Party in their unwavering support for the Israeli government’s actions. The Israeli Government has destroyed, for years to come, the wellbeing of 2.2 million people in Gaza. Most people will be aware of the extent of the crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli government, and of course the much lesser crimes of Hamas.

The bias of the BBC is evident in the way it marginalises and trivialises dissent from government policy.

This Saturday, 17th  February,  about 250,000 protesters marched in London calling for an end to the daily massacres in Gaza.

The BBC gave the event two sentences in its R4 six o’clock news bulletin that day. It said that tens of thousands of people had protested in London and 12 people had been arrested. So the message conveyed was of the trouble the demonstration caused. The demonstration was described as “pro-Palestinian”.

This reporting obscured the fact that what brought people onto the streets was their call for an end to the daily massacres by Israeli forces in Gaza. The arrests were an absolutely miniscule feature of the demonstration. To mention them was to associate lawlessness  with a moral protest about ongoing crimes against humanity, potentially the greatest war crimes of the century. These crimes have been condemned by people and governments around the world.  

There was also important context which the BBC failed to mention. That is that the protest was part of a worldwide day of protest with major demonstrations in over a hundred cities. Also that this was the 9th major demonstration in London and that thousands of smaller similar calls for an end to the bombardment of Gaza had been taking place in towns around the country for several months.

So the protest was not an isolated troublesome event as suggested by the BBC deserving a few seconds of coverage, but a significant expression of moral outrage shared by millions of people around Britain and the world. The many listeners who have not been following the news closely will have been given false impressions.

Failure of duty to bring understanding to the public 
If the BBC and other media organisations had drawn attention to the involvement of the British and American governments in October and their ability to cut off the supply of weapons and logistical support then the destruction and suffering might have been ended months ago.

In the end a ceasefire will have to happen. The terrible crime has been committed.

The calls for an earlier ceasefire failed, in part because the BBC, and much of the rest of British media, sided with the war criminals. Yes, I know the media have kept us substantially informed of what was going on. Nevertheless, the silence of the media on key aspects has made them complicit in crimes against humanity.

Failure to interpret statements intelligently and morally
The media should be able to distinguish right from wrong, and criminals and aggressors from victims. They should also not fall into the trap of repeating aggressors’ propaganda and of accepting and repeating propagandists’ accounts of their aims when reality tells a different story. They should be biased in favour of international law and humanity without slipping into a pretence of legalistic uncertainties.

Gaza homes destroyed

The homes of over a million people in Gaza have been destroyed.

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