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Poem – Easy Love

A leap into the River Ceze, France

About Easy Love

Most of the poems in my book, Poems About Love, are about relationships I have noticed, or thought about, or imagined. Easy Love is based on personal experience. It was written on a cheap flight to Palermo in 2017. The the cheap flight made me think of “Easy Jet”, then “easy love” and then the idyllic summers when I was in love and a student in Brighton many years earlier. Life really was easy then. I had rarely been poorer but had never been happier.

Easy Love

the days 
of easy love?

the days
when love was light?

the smiles
that lit your life?

What a time to be alive!
No cash,
no cares,
no fears,
no ties.
What a time to be alive!

Work was soft
and life
was pleasure.
Those were the days
that would last
for ever
when all was fresh
and we were

the days
of easy love?

Those were the days of easy love.
What a time to be alive!
What a time to be alive!

6 September 2017. On Ryanair flight to Palermo. 

The book, Poems About Love, by David Roberts is available from Amazon. 
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