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What Rishi Sunak Should Say

Israel suffered a terrorist outrage. No country, no people deserve such suffering, so to express sympathy and say that Israel has a right to defend itself is right. HOWEVER after Rishi Sunak expressed sympathy and conditional support for Israel it very quickly became obvious that Israel’s idea of self-defence was to commit terrorist atrocities far far greater than anything Hamas did or could ever do.

Rishi Sunak, weeks ago, should have stated that the British people do not support Israeli atrocities, that we condemn them completely and that Israel should halt them immediately.

The lives of over two million people in Gaza are ruined, traumatized, put in doubt. 

I find it offensive that a British Prime Minister is not able to speak out against the barbarism of Israel at the present time. And worse still has left the impression that we, the British, still stand shoulder to shoulder with the Israelis in their continuing  destruction and carnage.

The concept of winning is impossible at the moment. I suspect that Israel sees winning as the complete destruction/ethnic cleansing of Gaza and its people. Israel will only win when it learns to live in peace with Palestinians. Then Israel will have security. It is clear that this is not what Israel is aiming for.

Rishi Sunak should also demand that Hamas hands over the hostages. Hamas has made offers to hand hostages over but these offers have been rejected by Netenyahu so far.

Gaza explosion

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