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Big Day

Lorraine and Tristan, just married 6 October 2023.

Friday 6th October 2023 was a truly special day for our family – the wedding of our daughter, Lorraine, to Tristan in Horsham Register Office. A short but beautiful and moving ceremony as each made a commitment to the other.

And a wonderful convivial feast afterwards at The Ginger Fox with their many friends and family.

As father of the bride I made a short speech, part fun and part serious. I was able to say how delighted Julie and I are at the marriage of two talented and caring people that we love. I observed that “We celebrate marriage because it is a key moment in two people’s lives because it is an expression of total confidence of one person in another, and a public declaration of trust and commitment to each other – come what may. Marriage also joins together not just two people but two families as we become legally related. In law we have a new son. He is someone we appreciate and whose company we enjoy. And we have become friends with other members of Tristan’s family”

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