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Love in three plant pics and a poem, The last train

cactus flowering for one day only

We are currently plant-sitting for friends who have gone on holiday. One of the plants we have been entrusted with is a cactus. We were told that this cactus was about to produce a flower and that the flower would last only one day. To me it seemed a very sad idea that it should be so brilliant but last such a short time – a bit like love and life, I thought.

Cactus flower day 2

Cactus flower day 2. Almost gone

Cactus flower day 3

Cactus flower, day three. Gone!

Nothing is for ever.

The last train

All things must change.
Sunshine turns to rain.
Lovers become estranged.

Tonight I think
the final kiss.

I didn’t want it
to end like this.

You’ve changed.
You didn’t explain.

You didn’t confess.
Perhaps I can guess.

What do I care?
But I do care.

I step out
into the rain.

Empty streets,
empty heart.
I feel
that too familiar pain

and tears
on my cheeks.

I can feel
my heart beat.

Just time
to catch the last train.

All things must change.
Sunshine turns to rain.
Lovers become estranged.

10 July 2007, 25 August 2016, 2 January 2019

I’ve caught a number of late night ” last trains” from London over many years. The atmosphere in vast railway stations late at night is always a bit bleak. It’s more than just the end of a day, it’s a cavern of emptiness and the last train pulling out of the station . . .  It seems the obvious place for a film scene of “a final kiss”. 

The idea of “a last kiss” makes me reflect on the transience of everything human.

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