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The poem “Marriage” from “Poems about Love”

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Here is the text of the poem, and the first of a series of background infos and comments on the ideas behind poems in Poems about love  –  Where did the ideas for the poem come from? etc


When push comes to shove
marriage is not about love.

And a wedding
is not “the happy ending”.
It is the beginning
of a long journey
with a contract to travel for the rest of your life
with someone you hardly know
by a route and towards a destination
that no-one knows.

2004 and 1 January 2023

The stories behind the poems

Behind many poems in Poems about love lie events that set me thinking.

Marriage is one example

In this case the key line is the second line that asserts “marriage is not about love”. This was actually a statement made to me by my father when I was a young teenager.
He was not, himself, an expert on the subject of marriage because it was very clear to us children that our parents were very unhappily married – living together but sad and far apart.

Nevertheless, he could see what other people were doing and maybe guess what it was that led to a marriage that was “happy” or “fulfilled” or “successful”.
I didn’t know, till many years after I left home that he had a relationship with another woman and that may have inspired his remark. She actually worked for him and with him.
He maintained that what was needed to make “a successful marriage” was an ability to work together.
Obviously marriage is much more than this but my experience suggests that it is a key ingredient.

I’d be interested to hear your view on this topic? Do let me know, either on facebook or my blog.
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More comments and background and poems to follow in future blog articles.

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