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Poems and life - the stories behind the poems 1B

The book: Poems about love  –  How could you know?.

The story behind the poems

Poem One (B), Marriage

That strange first line

“When push comes to shove” – a common saying in the UK which means, “When you consider what the basic issue is” or “in the end you will have to agree that [something is the case]” or”When you get to the truth”.  Why it has these meanings I don’t know but it just came into my head with the second line of the poem.

The Cambridge Dictionary has a different interpretation of the expression, LINK

I think the expression has more than one meaning. Any other views on the topic?

I think it starts the poem off in a conversational sort of way, asserting something but inviting a reaction.

What’s your view on this? Do let me know, either on facebook or my blog. What would you tell a couple contemplating getting married are the key things that will lead to success/happiness?

More stories behind the poems soon.

And you can buy or download the book on Amazon. Do buy it and give it a star rating. Link to Amazon

 (I’ve recently been out of action with covid.)

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