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Poems and life - the stories behind the poems

Picture shows Clive and Amanda Owen in the TV Yorkshire Farm series. They work together to farm and raise their nine children

The book: Poems about love  –  How could you know?.

Poem One (A), Marriage

What my father told me about marriage

Behind many poems lie events that set me thinking. In this case the key line is the second line that asserts “marriage is not about love”. This was actually a statement made by my father. He was not, himself, an expert on the subject of marriage because it was very clear to us children that our parents were very unhappily married.

But like most people he observed other people’s life experiences and drew conclusions. He maintained that what was needed to make “a successful marriage” was an ability to work together.

Obviously marriage is much more than this but my experience suggests that it is a key ingredient.

What’s your view on this? Do let me know, either on facebook or my blog. What would you tell a couple contemplating getting married are the key things that will lead to success/happiness?

More stories behind the poems soon.

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 (I’ve recently been out of action with covid.)

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