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Remembrance Day – Sources of Remembrance Poems and Readings

The sculpture by Ian Rank-Broadley is perhaps the best known memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas in Staffordshire. It was inspired by the Ancient Greek tradition of carrying dead heroes from the field of battle on a shield. Here the shield has been replaced by a stretcher and a grieving family has been added.

The memorial park is dedicated to all Britain’s armed and non-combatant services.

“The National Memorial Arboretum is a British site of national remembrance.  Its objective is to honour the fallen, recognise service and sacrifice, and foster pride in the British Armed Forces and civilian community.”

There are almost 400 memorials on this 150 acre site. We visited in August this year. It is an impressive and moving place to visit.

A version of the picture above is featured on the cover of my book, Remembrance poems and Readings.

Book of Remembrance Poems

Remembrance poems and Readings

This book contains a comprehensive collection of readings for Remembrance services and includes a discussion of the changing nature of remembrance events. There are poems that go beyond remembrance to offer hope for a world with sustainable peace.

A range of Remembrance poems freely available on the internet

You can explore traditional readings and a wide selection of Remembrance poems by living service personnel on my website, www.warpoetry.uk

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