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My MPs unsatisfactory reply about Palestinian/Israeli conflict - my response

My email
13 May
Andrew Griffith, MP for Arundel and South Downs
Dear Andrew
I am very disappointed by your response to my email about the eruption of violence between Israelis and Palestinians.
What about the Palestinians?
What stands out is the fact that you didn’t mention the Palestinians once. This suggests that you don’t know what is going on in Israel and I can understand that you can’t be well informed about every issue in the world.
Of course Israelis have a right to self defence, but this is not what the violence is about. “Self defence”  is a routine Israeli story (supported by the Americans) with which they seek to justify atrocities, and I’m sorry you think this might convince me or anyone else to take the Israeli side in this dispute.
Pro Palestinian demonstrations
You may be aware that there are demonstrations going on around the world now, and these  are in support of the Palestinians, not the Israelis. What do the demonstrators know or believe that you do not? See pictures below.
An independent voice
What has been going on in Israel and Palestine over the decades is described by the Christian Aid website. Please see small quote below.
No defence for sending more arms to Israel
To suggest that all is well with arms sales to Israel because there is a procedure for testing whether arms sales are justified or not doesn’t answer the current problem. Selling any military equipment to Israel, however defensively and humanely it may be used, sends the clear message that we support Israel’s use of force against Palestinians, the continuing seizures of Palestinian land and properties contrary to international law.
Pathetic attempt to retaliate
I regret the firing of primitive missiles by Palestinians into Israel. It is wrong, but I think it has to be understood as the action of desperate people who feel they have to make some physical response to the suffering they are enduring.
What needs to be done
I really hope you will look further  into this issue and condemn, and encourage Boris Johnson to condemn, the murderous precision attacks on Gaza by Israeli jets  which everyone can see is not defending Israel.
  • Forget the fig leaf of arms sales’ vetting. There is no excuse. Britain should stop selling arms to Israel.
  • The Conservative Party can be honest about Israel’s behaviour, and show its humanity. The Conservative Party can do better.

From the Christian Aid website

Today, as Palestinians continue to experience exile, blockade, relentless spikes in violence and huge increases in land dispossession, we work with Palestinian and Israeli partners to protect human rights and promote resilience for Palestinian communities and civil society.

All our work aims to support the foundations for a just, lasting peace for all.  We work on protecting human rights. Our partners work to challenge discriminatory laws, practices and decisions affecting Palestinians living under occupation in the West Bank and Gaza, and Palestinian citizens of Israel.


London-protest-11-5-2021-B-.jpgBest wishes

David Roberts  www.davidrobertsblog.com

Thousands demonstrate in London - unreported by the BBC, but reported on France 24.

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