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Protests around the world condemn Israeli action

Protests in cities around the world condemn Israeli action as the outrages escalate. The demonstration in New York  is shown here.

What is Israel hoping to achieve?

Israel appears to be trying to destroy social control in Gaza. Hamas today, 12 May 2021, claimed that Israeli airstrikes had destroyed all police stations in Gaza. Israel’s message is clear, We will destroy you.

I hope that governments around the world will condemn the Israeli action and not fudge the issues by “calling on both sides” to stop the violence as if there is an equality in what each side is doing. Please see my quote from the Christian Aid website in my blog post, “Palestinians suffer once again”.

David Roberts

Protests in London,11 May 2021, against Israeli action

Protests in Karachi, 11 May 2021, against Israeli action

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David Roberts

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