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Concert by the Sea - the famous Erroll Garner Concert

Concert By The Sea was one of the first LPs I ever bought. I was 18 at the time and very impressed by the energy and style of this great pianist, Erroll Garner. This was 1960. The recording had been made in 1955.

Live performance tonight

Tonight, 29th of April 2021, will be a chance for anyone to log on to Facebook at 8 pm British Summer Time and hear another brilliant pianist, Mike Hatchard, play Garner’s tunes and recreate the panache of the original live concert.

Surprise success from casual recording

Concert by the Sea was never planned as as a big recording event.The concert was simply recorded for a local radio station along the coast from the small town of Carmel-by-the Sea in California.
Colombia got to hear of the recording. Record producers selected a number of tracks from that recording and put out the album. Recording executives were surprised at the huge response the album received.

Longer version of the concert now available

In recent times the recording has been remastered and and many tracks which were not included on the original album have been added to the available CDs so that the full concert is now available. 


On Amazon the more expensive version is described as “expanded” with a “free” MP3 version included. Click links to see details.  There is also a vinyl version!

David Roberts

29 April 2021

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