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Wildlife endangered by planned nuclear power station, Sizewell C

On the Suffolk coast is an exceptional wildlife habitat that is threatened by a planned new nuclear power station called Sizewell C.

Wildlife experts in this video explain what could be lost if the planned nuclear power station goes ahead.

Ben McFarland, Head of Conservation at Suffolk Wildlife Trust, and Adam Rowlands, RSPB Suffolk Area Manager, outline their concerns for Suffolk’s wildlife should plans for Sizewell C go ahead.

Please write to your MP to voice your objections to this plan and sign online petitions.

Also, have a look at the reasons why this whole nuclear power project here will do very little to combat climate change

  1. instead introduces a massive problem of coping with the most toxic waste known to man
  2. and incurs astronomic waste disposal costs which government experts themselves say are incalculable.

For more information on this important topic see other articles on this blog about Sizewell C. Click on the ISSUES label in the menu bar above and click on NUCLEAR in the drop-down list.

Your comments will be very welcome. Space to share your thoughts below the video. 
David Roberts
8 March 2021

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