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Hope for saving us from Sizewell C nuclear nightmare

Sizewell C nuclear power can be stopped

There remains a little time to  win this important cause.

The government will have to overcome challenging obstacles and take a year or two to get these two new nuclear power stations under way. The case against Sizewell C is overwhelming.


Stop Sizewell www.stopsizewellc.org

Together Against Sizewell C https://tasizewellc.org.uk/

Together Against Sizewell C on twitter https://twitter.com/SayNo2SizewellC?

The case for nature against nuclear: Suffolk Wildlife Trust: https://www.suffolkwildlifetrust.org/news/sizewell-c-threatens-stunning-wild-coast

See also my earlier post setting out some of the main arguments against this nuclear project.

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David Roberts

17 February 2021

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