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Support British Musicians and the British Music Industry

Brexit in practice shows that negotiated arrangements are, in some cases, very unsatisfactory.

Something needs to be done to correct problems that should never have arisen.


Power is with The European Commission

The difficulty now is that the real power to make changes lies with the unelected European Commission. Petitions need to reach the Commission.

In the meantime our access route is through the government. Petitions are circulating. Everyone can help by signing these petitions in support of action that the government needs to take.

British Musicians need help

Here’s some information from the BBC with a link to the full article on the BBC website.

“What are the issues?

Now that free movement has ended, UK musicians and crews will need a visa for stays of longer than 90 days in a 180-day period. Certain EU countries will also require additional work permits on arrival; and touring bands will also have to pay for carnets (permits) for their equipment and merchandise.

According to the Association of British Orchestras, another barrier is the imposition of limits on road haulage – with new rules stating drivers must return to the UK after visiting two EU member states.

“This makes the standard touring model of moving musical instruments by truck from the UK to venues in multiple countries impossible,” said the ABO.

“The UK’s orchestras will need to look at hiring in European road haulage operators at additional expense.”

Read more from the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-55616860 “

Here are links to petitions



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