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The Announcer  -  great little drama on All4 

We really enjoyed and would strongly recommend this powerful story. 

Described as a period drama The Announcer is set in 1962 in de Gaulle’s France and the time of the Algerian fight for independence from France’s colonial rule. French youths are dying in a fight they cannot win. The guillotine is still used to execute murderers. Women are mainly expected to stay at home and be good mothers rather than have careers. The drama is partly a study of French society under the pressure of change.

The announcer is Christine Beauval who is a rare woman of the time in that she has a very successful career, something her conformist husband finds difficult to accept. She is a feminist icon who, in spite of her success, struggles in her attempt to be both mother and career woman.

Christine receives murder threats, her 18 year old daughter has an affair with a government minister, her son joins a terrorist group. She becomes aware that an innocent youth has been set up to take the blame for the murder of her daughter’s friend. Her life is crumbling around her yet she must retain her dignity and poise in front of the TV cameras.

Political corruption, the censorship of journalism and police corruption complicate the situation.

The story is grippingly told in a manner reminiscent of a Greek tragedy where violent crimes are not seen happening. Instead we witness the psychological torment and downfall of the suffering humans who are victims of not only bad luck but also their own characters.

It’s a pity that part of the ending in episode 6 is so disappointingly written.

The drama has been issued by All4 as a “box set”. If you don’t have All4 you can download the app. We accessed the series on a smartphone and used Chromecast to view it on our tv. It’s a great system which we often use.

The principal drawback to All4 is the adverts that interrupt the episodes. As an alternative you can sign up for the paid version of All4 for £3-99 a month and have the pleasure of no ads. We manage by just muting them.

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