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Houghton Forest Downland Walk near Arundel

On a bright chilly day in mid-October, with a strong wind blowing, we enjoyed a four and a half mile walk on the Downs near Arundel.

There is a large car park just off the Whiteways roundabout at the top of the hill north of Arundel on the A29. This is where we started and finished the walk. 

At 10:30 in the morning the car park was almost full but we noticed there is an overflow area. This is a very popular stop for bikers. To the south of the car parks there are a few picnic benches and a grassy area on the edge of the forest. There is a fast food kiosk here.

Because of covid the toilets are closed. Obviously this is a big problem for such a popular stopping place. The area is operated by the West Sussex County Council and it really should fix this problem.

For nearly half of the walk we were well sheltered from the wind by the forest. 

A sketch map of the walk route follows the pictures and there is also a Google map of the area. 

The third and fourth pictures show the view as you come out of the forest heading north across the stubble field and up to the little copse on the ridge.

Just past the copse, on the northern edge of it, we found these pale blue/violet poppies which we had never seen before. Julie collect some of the fine seeds and we’ll see if we can grow some of these unusual plants.

Then there is a view across to the further ridge and the South Downs Way, marked by a hedge, which for us, heads east, going to the right of the picture, and then there is a picture of starting up this section o the South Downs Way, a gentle slope for a bit over a mile ending with extensive views, right out to sea.

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Here is a link to a description provided by The Ramblers’ Association of a fourteen mile walk which starts at the Whiteways car park..

29 October 2020

Sketch map of the four and a half mile Houghton Forest walk

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