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3 Ten-line poems – Heatwave, First day at uni, A heart in winter

I write the occasional poem. Here are three of them.

Writing a poem in ten lines is a useful discipline. It concentrates the mind.  I think poems should pack as much meaning as they can in the fewest possible words. I am not a fan of gushing words, clever but meaning little.


The hottest day recorded.

Towards ten at night

The rain started.

We walked out 

Into the garden, naked,

enjoying the refreshing rain.

The lawn was squelchy 


 We lay down together,


made mud.


27th July 2019



A heart in winter

Sense of sunlight

on my eyes

Open them

Room dark

No one

by my side



Heart cries

Footsteps in the street

Love dies


3 August 2002



First Day at Uni, 2020

I remember that first day.


I saw you

two metres away.


We went for a walk

in the park

two metres apart.


We should have met in another time.


Now we can never get together

but must stay apart


for ever.


June 2020


26 October 2020.  David Roberts   davidrobertsblog.com   Please share.

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