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Last Day of Summer 2020

We guessed it was going to be the last day of summer. We had had a late spell of hot weather in mid-September and the forecast was for the last hot day for a while on Monday  the 21st of September. 

We arrived at Shoreham Beach at about 12:30 and met up with four of our friends who had been there for an hour or so. I immediately went in the sea for a swim for about 20 minutes to half an hour and could have stayed in longer. Conditions were perfect. But I knew that Julie was going to be keen to start our picnic lunch very soon. 

We lazed in the sun and chatted till about 3:30 and then packed up to leave the beach thinking that we may not get another  such opportunity again this year. So we took a parting shot of the beach. You can see that very few people were taking advantage of the good weather.

Three days later the temperature at eight in the morning was 8 degrees centigrade and by midday the temperature had only got up to 14 degrees. 

David, davidrobertsblog.com 29 September 2020.

The almost deserted Shoreham beach with nearby Brighton on the horizon about 4pm 21 September 2020

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