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My Sunburn Experience, July 2020

I should have known better, but I love the sun. I worship the sun.

Most summers in the last twenty years I have driven or flown hundreds of miles to prostrate myself before it. It makes me feel good. I love to have a suntan. I don’t understand why it gives me so much pleasure.

On 12 July we spent a good part of the day on Shoreham beach with our friends A and D. We got there at 10 am, chatted, lazed and swam in the sea, had our picnic lunch.

I always put factor 30 sun-cream on my face and neck and use factor 15 sun-cream on my chest, arms and feet when I think I’ll be in the sun for a long time. Usually two or three hours is about long enough before I’ll want a break but this day we just stayed and stayed.

We left the beach about 3 pm.

When I took off my shirt that night I was shocked to see that I was a glowing salmon pink. I went and had a cold shower. I think this and swimming in the cool sea probably saved my skin because in the next few days only a little skin on my forearms peeled. Over-all though I felt a bit tender and didn’t lie down in the sun again for a fortnight.

I know that too much sun can lead to skin cancer and that this is on the increase. I’m taking more care now.


davidrobertsblog.com 23 August 2020.

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