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I Am Not Your Negro – Impressive film about the treatment of black people in America

This is a film the whole world should see. It demonstrates so clearly what has been happening to black people in the US over a long period and up to the present time and goes some way to explain the strength of feeling that has erupted in the USA and around the world since the killing of George Floyd. It is compelling and sometimes shocking.
I Am Not Your Negro is based on writing by the black American writer and intellectual, James Baldwin. His novels include Another Country 1962), Giovanni’s Room (1956), If Beale Street Could Talk (1974). He was an essayist, too, and a campaigner for black rights.
The film is about the brutal treatment of black Americans and the assassination of three of Baldwin’s friends. There are interesting scenes of Baldwin himself speaking and debating with great eloquence.
It’s hard to understand how so many people can have so much hatred within them. Tragically some of the scenes of violence were of recent events. The shame of the behaviour of parts of American society continues to the present day.

Available to stream from BBC i-player, YouTube and Amazon and no doubt elsewhere.

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