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gaza ceasefire demonstration, London 17 February 2024


BBC bias is misplaced. It is all too clear that the BBC supports the government and Labour Party in their

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Text of poem, Revenge

Poem – Revenge

Before civilisation and the rule of law, murders were often dealt with by relations and friends of the murder victim.

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Gaza explosion

What Rishi Sunak Should Say

https://youtu.be/jRaN_0olTbg?si=sL8OM_izvzPcukqQ Israel suffered a terrorist outrage. No country, no people deserve such suffering, so to express sympathy and say that

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Lorraine and Tristan, just married 6 October 2023.

Big Day

Friday 6th October 2023 was a truly special day for our family – the wedding of our daughter, Lorraine, to

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Military boom time

Boom in Military Spending BRITISH PUBLIC might question vast increase in arms spending Today, 20 October 2022, Liz Truss, UK

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